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There is a good variety of Toyota Proace models, with two heights and lengths to choose from. The Crew Cabin model can seat up to six people, which is absolutely ideal for any business that needs to transport people as well as equipment. The standard length Proace provides an impressive amount of room, great for storing all of your tools.


All models share the same levels of equipment including twin sliding side doors, front fog lights, heated electric, door mirrors, electric windows, bluetooth, central locking and air conditioning. The Toyota Proace Panel has a very comfortable cabin. The vehicle boasts a fantastic 90 hp 1.6-litre engine, paired with five speed manual transmission that produces 180Nm of torque.

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The Proace is equipped with a front bench seat that can hold two people. Alternatively, an individual front passenger seat is available at no extra charge. Stability control is fitted in the Toyota Proace as standard. This is to ensure maximum grip in heavy rain, snow and ice. Anti-lock brakes are also fitted as standard, to help bring you safely to a stop when braking heavily. This vehicle is truly excellent, reliable in any weather condition.

toyota proace

The diesel engines produce plenty of load-hauling torque, whilst being very fuel efficient and meeting the latest Euro 5 emissions standards. Overall this vehicle is very well equipped and comfortable. It is a very reliable and efficient van that is capable of endless tasks. The Proace is designed to help deliver a productive day’s work, with comfort in mind.

toyota proace

The Toyota Proace comes with a three year, 100,000 mile mechanical warranty and 12 years corrosion protection. Paintwork is covered for three years, and three years UK and European Toyota Roadside Assistance.

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