Ford Transit Custom Limited now at Swiss

Ford Transit Custom Limited now at Swiss!!!

Swiss Vans are happy to announce that the award winning, 2013 Van of the Year: Ford Transit Custom Limited is now available for lease. This prestigious vehicle has a truly smart exterior, making it a perfect van for any business constantly on the move.

ford transit

Not only will the Transit help your business improve/maintain a professional brand image with it’s attractive exterior of the Ford Transit Custom Double Cab  , but it will also give you plenty of space to keep all of your tools of the trade. Crew Cab


We stock a variety of models Ford Transit custom tourneo , including the base, midrange and top of the range – all of which offer remarkable driving comforts. Sport For Sale .The space can be used for various uses, you can choose to have optional features that will make the space into a mobile office. Ford Transit Custom Lease

ford transit

The Ford Transit Custom Limited is packed with features to increase comfort, this adds to the resaleability of the van and makes your driving experience more enjoyable. One of the optional features is LED lighting on the loadbox.

ford Transit

The rear door opening-stays are lockable. This is makes the doors more stable, for example it’s useful in windy conditions where the door might slam shut. by The Transit is very reliable and efficient. The interior handles are in a bright and colourful yellow plastic, making them easy to find. Overall the Transit is a great vehicle for businesses.

ford transit
ford transit

If you’re looking for a Ford Transit Custom Limited to lease or buy, and/or have any questions; give us a call on 01656 837254 or fill out our enquiry form.

“It’s the most practical one-tonne panel van yet. Feels great to drive, even better to look at but more importantly, the Custom has some very thoughtful additions which will make your ownership and time on the road in the van so much more enjoyable.”

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