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10 things to write on a dirty white van!


10 Things to Write on a Dirty White Van!

We’ve all seen funny writing on white vans… generally the unoriginal genitalia accompanied by ‘I wish my wife was this dirty’!  As its Christmas and our Blogmaster Lisa is off for a few days we thought we’d share some of the more original examples of van art that we’ve seen:

1.  We loved this one on an Iveco Daily (which, by the way, is also available in white!)white van

2.  As seen on a Ford Transit Custom  van on the M4  “Cleaned by Stevie Wonder”.

3. As seen on the back of a prison transfer van (make unknown)  “Garry Glitter’s tour bus” Volkswagen Caddy

4.  We loved this one, too!dirtyvan2

5.  Incredibly original, there is an artist name of Robert Budden who uses dirty cars and vans as his canvas for his van art (yes, there really is something for everyone!)  This is his Clint Eastwood portrait  (don’t ever draw on my van Robert, I’d never wash it again!)


6.  On an M&S delivery van, “This isn’t just dirt, this is M&S dirt”

7.  On a Citroen Relay – “No hand signals. Driver on Viagra” Citroen Berlingo

8.  On a VW Caddy on the M42 – “White with a hint of M42″

9.  Another graffiti artist (Ben Long) uses dirty vans as his canvas for van art! Volkswagen Caddy


10.  And finally, someone had to scream ‘HELP’ from a VW Transporter:


Have a great Christmas and drive safely everyone!
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