Best Van for Courier Work [Expert Guide]

Best Van for Courier Work

Best Van for Courier Work [Expert Guide]

It’s vital to remember that vans are designed differently when looking at the best van for courier work. It should come as no surprise that people will blame the COVID-19 outbreak for the sharp growth in interest in home delivery services.

When we could not leave the house to visit the stores, we depended on items we had ordered online to be delivered to our doors. Now, even if it’s okay for us to shop outdoors, our natural inclination is to search for a device and place an order. This has caused a change in habits.

Since many van drivers work for themselves, you must pick the ideal van for your company. While some opt for the best van leasing for courier work, others prefer to buy a new van. Because of this, we’ve put up a guide on the best van for courier work. However, please note that not all needs are the same, so your ideal delivery van will depend on your needs.

How to Choose the Best Van for Courier Work

There are many small, medium, and large vans on the UK used car market, but which one is ideal for you? Finding the best van for your courier service can seem complicated.

A van is subject to several technical and vehicle history inspections like any used vehicle for sale. These inspections should include examining the van’s mileage, maintenance history, bodywork condition, and other factors. Let’s explore a few things to consider when looking for the best van.

Safety or Security Features

The first factor to consider when choosing the best van for courier work is security. Although most modern vans have excellent levels of protection, it may be sensible to consider extra safety precautions if you’re transporting important products to prevent van break-ins and other accidents that could harm your organization.

Assemble sufficient security measures if you’re purchasing a new van. Even if they are not included with your specific model, invest in an alarm, an immobilizer, and deadlocks for your peace of mind.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

You should pay close attention to a van’s miles per gallon (MPG) if you make short-distance deliveries. MPG accounts for the frequent stops and starts you’ll make if you have several deliveries close together.

‘MPG Extra’ will tell you the mileage you’ll get if you spend most of your time traveling on highways between stops if you’re primarily keen on vans for long deliveries. You may find out the expected mileage by looking at “MPG Combined,” which combines the two. Regardless of your choice, the best vans for courier drivers are inexpensive to fuel.


Consider comfort when searching for the best courier vans, whether you’re just starting, or your larger business requires dependable delivery vans. Although it may not be a high priority, you’ll want to be comfortable spending the entire day in your van without feeling too uncomfortable. When considering vans for lengthy deliveries, ensuring everyone can drive safely is crucial.

Delivery Load

Before beginning your purchase, be sure you have a general estimate of the size of your typical delivery load. A large vehicle is required if you are delivering larger and heavier things. Though it may seem obvious, it’s crucial to understand that you can accomplish a lot even with a little van! When you have a lot of tiny things and need a van for quick delivery, medium-sized to smaller vans are ideal.


Even though a van is typically viewed as a more practical work vehicle than a car, courier drivers devote most of their time inside the vehicles and anticipate the same connectivity level. Driving will be more enjoyable and increase productivity if integrated sat-nav, media pairing, Bluetooth, USB, and charging interfaces are within budget.

Regarding productivity, if you manage a small fleet of delivery cars, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter has Pro Connect software that lets you monitor and track their performance. Older Sprinter vans can have Pro Connect retrofitted, so they are an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a used van.

Best Van for Courier Work

Best Van for Courier Work

Drivers must acquire the best van possible for courier activities. The good news is that, as a freelance courier, you can choose the specific vehicle you require for your deliveries. Picking the best van for your courier service can seem like a difficult challenge; many small, medium, and large vans are on the UK car market, but which one is ideal for you? Let’s explore the best van for long-distance courier work for your business.

Ford Fiesta Van

If you want small vans for courier work, the Ford Fiesta offers more than you can anticipate. It’s the best van for courier work in terms of size. The size of a van can be problematic for delivery drivers who only sometimes need to transport large quantities of boxes throughout town. The Fiesta will be more than big enough if you transport lighter or smaller items.

It is the ideal size to sneak in and out of tight areas around the city, particularly if you have yet to gain experience operating a commercial vehicle. It has a rear glass, a bulkhead with a see-through mesh top, and the same dimensions as the standard Fiesta. The Ford Fiesta Van has one of the lowest insurance costs among vans.

Mercedes- Benz Sprinter

Numerous van drivers cannot all be wrong. The Mercedes-Benz is frequently the go-to van for individuals that really require over 100+ multi-drop routes. Moreover, even the most discerning buyer is sure to find the ideal van for the job, with over 1700 variations of the Sprinter available.

This five-door van boasts features like active brake assist, hill start assists, and electrical power steering, to mention a few. It’s capacity of 14 m3 and 270-degree rear doors make it among the best size van for courier work.

Multi-drop drivers will value the roomy cab Mercedes- Benz Sprinter which simplifies entering and exiting. Mercedes-Benz designed the driver’s seat with exceptionally robust materials since it is possible for the delivery driver to quickly wear it out, especially on the seat cushion nearest to the driver’s door.

Citroen Berlingo

Citroen Berlingo

You don’t need to look any further for the best van for courier work if you need a more compact van! The Citroen Berlingo is a compelling compact vehicle. It has a 1.5L diesel engine and achieves a fantastic 65MPG. You will be surprised at how little diesel you need to refill after being on the road all day.

Regarding value for money, surpassing Berlingo won’t be easy. The Berlingo is quite competitively priced and drives perfectly like other expensive competitors. The Berlingo stands out, though, for its upscale, high-tech interior. It offers a genuinely luxurious vibe, and it’s simple to forget you’re operating a van.

The smart piece of technology in the Citroen Berlingo that allows you to exceed the allowed payload completely is the major factor in Berlingo’s success as a delivery van. It is known as the “Overload” sensor, which alerts you when approaching and beyond the maximum.

Vauxhall Vivaro

Although it might not go head-to-head with other vehicles, The Vauxhall Vivaro is one of the most dependable courier vans available. A steering column that may be adjusted, an electronic stability program with traction control, and a locking brake system with electronic force distribution are just a few of the features. Given that it can hold a space of approximately 6 m3 and carry a weight of about 1000 kg, this is a good mid-sized alternative.

The interiors of this vehicle are remarkably similar because it was constructed on the Stellantis Group’s standard medium-duty van chassis. However, the construction is solid and great; sturdy plastics are everywhere. Even the seat fiber is robust, so we suppose you could repeatedly slide on and off the seat while making deliveries for several years before they wear out.

Ford Transit Custom

The last best van for courier work is the Ford Transit Custom vans, with unique features. The Transit Custom is one of the most widely used vans because it is so adaptable.

The Transit Custom is an excellent medium-sized van for delivery because it has more space than the Berlingo. Transit Custom may be right for you if you intend to deliver items slightly larger than ordinary parcels and packages.

Ford Transit Custom

Custom delivers dependable performance, just like Ford Transits from the past. Reliability is not an issue. The Custom comes equipped with Apple Car Play/Android Auto, allowing you to connect to your smartphone’s Sat Nav and entertainment apps and enjoy all your favorite songs while working.


Comfort and dependability are crucial for delivery drivers because they spend most of the day in their vehicles, and certain shifts might last for quite a while. This helps to prevent missed workdays due to breakdowns.

Whatever service you offer, you need the best van for courier work. With several available vans, it can pose a considerable challenge for newbies in this industry. Nevertheless, we’ve unveiled the best van for courier exchange service.

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