A van is not just for life, its for Christmas!

A van is not just for life, its for Christmas!

November isn’t even over, but its been another massive month so far for our van sales team… it seems that everyone is in a rush to get a brand new van for Christmas.

As always, Leasing we are seeing a rush on new van sales from VW fans, sales of the Caddy and the Transporter are always stable but with great new deals on Citroen vans (from little Citroen Nemos right up to the bigger Luton vans), we may be seeing a new contender.

Tom Jones (affectionately known as Sir Tom among his customers and colleagues) who looks after our luton section on the vansales.com website, has observed that they have become excellent value of late when compared to similar vehicles by Peugeot, observing recently that “more and more, when I’m quoting for customers Citroen luton vans seem to be at least £2k cheaper than on equivalent vans from other manufacturers.”

Swiss Vans have some great connections within the trade and being independent means we are able to offer our customers the best van to meet their needs rather than being tied by dealership restrictions – and the Swiss Vans customer gets the best of both worlds because their servicing and guarantees are still carried out by main dealerships.

Of course, none of that is quite so important to some customers as meeting that all-important delivery date of ‘must be home for Christmas’ and we continue to endeavour to get our customers, in the immortal words of Chris Rea, driving home for Christmas….only they’ll be driving home IN A BRAND NEW VAN!


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