5 ways to keep your van cool through the summer

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5 ways to keep your van cool through the summer

It has been one hot July with temperatures reaching up to 38C in some parts of the UK. With another month of summer, it is more than likely that we could continue to sizzle. But, while the temperature soars, businesses and tradespeople will continue to use their vehicles which are essential for their work. This begs the question; how can you keep your van cool through this heatwave?

Think about where you park

It’s easier said than done but if you have a garage, then now would be the best time to make use of it. Keeping your van inside can allow you to get into a cool vehicle.

Maybe not as straightforward with a bigger van, like a Ford Transit Custom. But if you have a VW Caddy or a Citroen Berlingo, we’d suggest making good use of a garage.

Not everyone will have the luxury of a garage when you’re out and about on jobs all day. But, if you can find a shaded area to park your van, then do so because it will make a massive difference to when you get in.

Use a sun reflector to keep your van cool

One of the oldest tricks in the book; invest in a sun reflector for your windshield to keep your van cool on those hot summer days. Those unrelenting sun rays get inside your van through the windshield but they can’t escape.

This effectively turns your van into a mobile greenhouse with the temperature able to rise in a matter of minutes. A reflector can stop those rays getting in

Cover those leather seats

Don’t leave these exposed (especially without a sun protector). Your leather will absorb the rays and heat up to a temperature which makes your seats a little uncomfortable to sit on. Not only will your van be more unbearable, but the high temperature can damage the condition of the leather.

Keep some spare blankets in the back to throw over the seats when you’re leaving your van in an area exposed to sunlight. This can keep your seats at a comfortable temperature and help prevent them drying out.

Crack your windows a little

If you’re not leaving your van for a long period of time, you could keep the windows open just a touch. This will encourage a bit of air circulation and help to keep your van a little cooler

Obviously, make sure there’s no way anyone can squeeze their arm through the window. And, we’d probably advise you put up with a warm van and keep the windows closed if you’re in an area with a reputation of petty crime

Improvise up a paddling pool

Okay, this won’t keep your vehicle cool while you drive it, but this can keep you cool while you’re working on site. If you have a vehicle with a load bed – like a pick-up truck or a dropside – you can turn it into a paddling pool.

Just line the load area with some tarpaulin, secure it up with a couple of cable ties and fill it with water. A few minutes of filling and you got yourself a mobile paddling pool to cool off in.

We tried this ourselves with our VW Amarok. Take a look at how it went here on our Facebook page.

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