5 myths about buying used vans

5 myths about buying used vans

5 myths about buying used vans

The increasing number of vans in the vehicular market has lead to an increased number of used vans. While there may be some great deals in the market, many used van buyers also fall to the same tricks because of some van-buying myths and end up losing money.

Being aware of the following myths thus help you avoid getting duped while buying used vans, and also minimizes the risk of buying a bad set of wheels.

Myth no.1: You have to act fast to not lose such a great bargain.

Fact: NO. If it looks like a great bargain, you should start wondering why its owner is willing to sell the car at such a low price instead of looking for a good price. Something looks fishy here; most probably the van has some mechanical faults or could be a stolen or cloned van. So before dealing with such vans, ask as many questions as required to clear your doubts and if you are still not happy with the answers, just walk away.

Myth no.2: You own the van as you have paid for it.

Fact: Though you are the registered owner and have the van keys and van in your possession after paying the money, you are not its legal owner. Stolen vans and vans on finance technically belong to the original owner or finance house. So though you are the registered keeper, you are not its legal owner and can lose the van and money you had paid for it.

Myth no.3: Vans that are written off cannot be sold.

Fact: Vehicles declared a total loss or ‘written off’ by insurance companies are declared so because insurers believe the van is not worth repairing as its repairs exceed the van’s current value.

Based on its condition, written off vehicles are placed into A and B category if the van should be crushed and not returned to the road or are placed in C and D category if they are roadworthy and can be used.  Thus these written off vans can be sold.

Myth no.4: its safe buying vans at ‘mutually convenient’ locations.

Fact: NO, selling at convenient public locations is a ruse criminals use for selling stolen or cloned vehicles. Always view the van at the registered keeper’s address and not at the pub car park or a service station.

Myth no.5: Spouses can sell vans for their partner.

Fact: Vans should always be bought from its registered keeper; buying it from anyone else, even the spouse makes the van technically stolen as the said person legally cannot sell the vehicle. Always ask for ID and check the V5 documents and if you are not happy with anything, contact the registered keeper or look for another vehicle.

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