3 of the best vans for plumbers

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3 of the best vans for plumbers

One of the most important business decisions a plumber will have to make is which van they will choose to drive. We take a look at vans for plumbers to see which are best for their trade.

A plumber’s job isn’t always in the same place so it’s vital you can get yourself and your key equipment to and from work sites or customer’s homes. To do this, you will want a vehicle that is reliable and has enough space for long pipes. But, you want to do this without breaking the bank.

What we are looking for when looking at vans for plumbers?

  • Size – The van for a plumber needs to be able to transport all the tools and equipment which can often include long pipes.
  • Efficiency – Plumbers don’t want to be racking up hefty fuel bills for all their travel so we are looking for a van which has great fuel economy.
  • Affordability – Value for money is very important in any business so investing in a van will also be important to plumbers. The van needs to be affordable and hopefully hold onto its value when it comes to selling it on.

With all these things in mind, we have identified 3 medium panel vans that could make a plumber’s work life easier.

Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is one of the best vans for plumbers. WASP edition from Swiss Vans is pictured.

Every time you venture out on the roads of the UK, you are almost definitely going to come across a Ford Transit Custom. This is because it is the best-selling van in the country. It is the dream for tradespeople being both practical, affordable and cheap to run.

With the load-through bulkhead, you can fit pipes as long as three metres in the load area – even with the short wheelbase. It is efficient to run, too, with a combined cycle of up to 46mpg so you shouldn’t have to fork out too much on your fuel bill.

Unlike more of the premium vans, you don’t need to pay a wedge to get it while you still get the reliability associated with the Ford Transit name.

Read more about the Transit Custom Transit Custom Limited .

Mercedes Vito

Mercedes Benz Vito Sport lease
Show you mean business with the Mercedes Vito. Smaller but still one of the best vans for plumbers.

For a bit of prestige about your business for a little bit extra, the Mercedes Vito is one of the best vans for plumbers. The three-pointed star will provide you with a professional image.

But, most importantly, the Vito can provide plenty of space for long pipes with the extra long wheelbase allowing a load length of 2,908mm.

One of the most economical panel vans around, there is a fuel economy of up to 49.6mpg with the Vito that makes it the most affordable to run. If you do a lot of driving in your plumbing work, paying the extra for the Mercedes Vito could be worth it.

Find out more about the Mercedes Vito Mercedes Vito .  

VW Transporter

Affordable Delivery
Used as a leisure vehicle more so than other vans; the Transporter panel van can also be one of the best vans for plumbers

Arguably the most sought-after van in the market due to its cult status, the VW Transporter can be a valuable asset to your plumbing business. You will have to dig deeper in your pockets for this one though but their popularity means they do hold their value better than their competitors.

Another reliable van with the best German engineering, the T6 model benefits from BlueMotion technology which allows for a return of 47.9mpg. There is plenty of room for tools and pipes with the long wheelbase being just shy of 3m.

The VW Transporter is also easy to rack compared to the others so if you’re prepared to pay the price, this could be an ideal van for your plumbing business.

If you spread the price out into the monthly payments of a lease deal for this premium van, the Transporter can actually be more affordable than you think.

For more information on the VW Transporter, click here.

Vans for plumbers: How to get one?

You need to make a living through your plumbing and you need a van in order to do this. It may not seem easy when you don’t have the whack of money needed to get your van.

But, through finance lease or hire purchase, you can get the van you need to operate without having the whole sum for the vehicle. Through these payment options, you can spread the cost out into affordable monthly payments.

So, you get the van you need to make your plumbing job simple. And, you know exactly what is leaving your bank account every month.

Get your questions answered on finance lease here.

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  1. Great post! As a plumber, choosing the right van is indeed crucial for our trade. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between reliability, space, fuel economy, and affordability. The three medium-panel vans you’ve identified seem promising. Size is definitely a priority for carrying those long pipes, and efficiency is key to keeping fuel costs in check. And, of course, the van’s value over time matters too. Looking forward to exploring these options further. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

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