A Hornet you’ll be glad to see!

A Hornet you’ll be glad to see!

If you’re considering buying a new van or part exchanging your current one, and you want some amazing style and an automative experience that’s second-to-none, consider our all-new, updated VW Transporter Hornet. Based on the Transporter T6.1 Highline, the Swiss Vans Hornet upgrade kit turns an already-fantastic van into something extraordinary. 

The Transporter is a great van with a long history of quality, reliability, and practicality. But, for some people, it can look a little dull! That’s why we created our upgrade kits and styling packs, and the Hornet is one we particularly love. It combines ultimate style and superb comfort with VW’s eminent usability in almost all situations: what more could you want?

The Hornet offers a solid, reliable driving experience with its 150hp 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine and 6-speed manual transmission. You’ll have a smooth ride and the strength you need along with a range of extras that make every trip a joy. 

From 20” alloys, 30mm lowering, and leather to a steering wheel upgrade, splitter, spoiler and more, the VW Transporter Hornet from Swiss Vans is the perfect option for anyone looking to get a 22 Transporter with a bit of extra flair. 

And if you want even more excitement and comfort on your work drives or family outings, consider our extra upgrades! You can go for carpeting, LED spotlights, soundproofing, storage systems … the possibilities are almost endless. Let us build you the van of your dreams for a reasonable price at Swiss.

If this all sounds like just the thing to brighten your days and bring the joy back, give us a call at Swiss today. Our lovely sales team will be very happy to answer your questions and walk you through the process so you can be happy behind the wheel — the upgraded wheel, of course — of your brand-new Transporter Hornet in no time.

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