3, 6, 12 Month Lease

Many of our vans and trucks are available on a lease for 3, 6, or 12 months. This gives you complete peace of mind with no long-term commitments or ownership worries. Go for a basic van or even add one of our WASP kits. (The availability with WASP & Hornet kits can sometimes be limited, but we always have standard models.)

We have up to 500 vans and cars available for rental right now. The longer your commitment, the better the price. Our rentals are primarily aimed at our current customers with new vans on order or at anyone living within 50 miles of Cowbridge in South Wales. To become a customer, all you have to do is order a new van!

Prices and Availability

You can see our current rental and short-term-lease prices here. Availability changes from day to day; things can be a little tricky at the moment due to stock shortages, so please give us a ring as soon as you know you need to rent to get things moving. We can almost always get people sorted. We even offer rentals for 1-2 weeks for existing customers to help in the case of an incident or accident, and with our partners across the UK, we can get vans to customers almost wherever they are.

You will need to check your current insurance to make sure you’re covered under “New for Old”. If not, you can buy a short-term GAP insurance policy from us to cover the leased vehicle.

If you’re thinking of part exchanging, our interim lease can give you the security you need while you wait for your new vehicle. PX your current van here, and talk to us about an affordable lease.

How it Works

We’re experts on 3-, 6-, and 12-month lease deals and will build you something to suit your budget and taste. Our leases are subject to a credit application and collection from our rental office in Cowbridge; we don’t deliver these shorter-term lease vehicles unless you pay on a separate invoice upfront. This is because the cost of a one-way delivery or collection is often £300 — we used third-party drivers — so it’s often cheaper for customers to make their own way here. However, if you’re surrendering a PX early to Swiss and taking a rental, we can often arrange this for free if the return vehicle has an MOT / is road legal.

ABT-E VW Transporter

VW Transporter 110/150/DSG/LWB, Startline / Highline, etc. for 3-12 months 

3 months down with a total of 12 months at £499 + VAT 

We always have something in stock, panel vans and kombis. In some 12 month rentals, we’ll swap the van after 6 months. Local rental preferred or if you have a van on order with us. Please see our Rent While You Buy page.

Transit Custom WASP ICE front

Transit Custom Panel Van Limited 130 PS 3-12 months 

3 months down with a total of 12 months from £499 a month 

We always have vans in stock, panel vans and DCiV. Local rental preferred or if you have a van on order with us. 

In some cases, you can purchase the van at the end of the lease as a used van. Check out our Rent While You Buy page.

New Ford Transit Custom Sport ICE WASP & Hornet

Ford Transit Custom WASP LWB DCIV Auto 3-12 months 

Double Cab (DCiV) WASP Auto!

£1500 down, then 12 months at £699 a month + VAT 
1500 miles a month 
Sometimes there’s an opportunity to buy the van as used at the end of your lease term, although this is tricky at the moment due to stock levels.

Please see our Rent While You Buy scheme.

Mercedes Vito front

Mercedes Vito (available with WASP pack)

£82 – £150 + VAT per week

Medium deposit 
1500 miles per month 
12-month deal 

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