We rent to two types of customer

1. Existing Swiss Vans Customers

Existing Swiss Vans customers can apply for a rental account and in most cases pre qualified . This applies to 3- 12 month rentals as well as local 1 week to 16 week rental. 

If you have a van still on credit with Swiss Vans and not be in arrears we are almost certain to accept you on a 3. 6 or 12 month short term lease. You need to self insure the vehicle. This is exclusively for present Swiss Vans customers without exception.

Many of our vans and trucks are available on a lease for 3, 6, or 12 months. This gives you complete peace of mind with no long-term commitments or ownership worries. Go for a basic van or even add one of our WASP kits. (The availability with WASP & Hornet kits can sometimes be limited, but we always have standard models.)

2. Within 25 Miles of Cowbridge

Even if you are not a Swiss Vans customer we can look at opening you both a 3-12 month rental account as well as a 1 week to 16 week account for business users. 

We will consider  local companies & individuals within 25 miles of Cowbridge who wish to short term lease a vehicle for 3, 6 or 12 months been if they haven’t purchased a vehicle from us and its on exiting finance. The vehicle has to fit in with our exiting portfolio of vehicles whether thats a posh van or a high performance car.

Ford Transit Custom 12 Month Rental

including body kit from
£ 649 Monthly
  • Generous 1250 Miles a Month allowance
  • All vans under 12 months old at start
  • Vans In Stock subject to availability
  • Existing customers or local business

1 week to 16 week rental

Need shorter rental? Then try this page for exiting customers.
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