10 Top driving tips

10 Top driving tips

10 Top driving tips.

To be a better driver on the road, to save money and be safer.

10 Top driving tips

10 Top driving tips

Check out the following 10 Top driving tips:

Take an Advanced driving test.

This test and instruction can help bring the cost of your insurance down and will teach you to be become a better driver.

Don’t Drive When You’re Sleepy (or Otherwise Not Alert)

Stop and have a coffee, take regular breaks and break up your journey if your travelling a long way.

If your boss has a problem with your journey taking 10 minutes longer than your sat nav’s route plan, explain the meaning of the phrase — Better late than never.


Make sure that your used to driving your Van. Get to know  all the functions of your vehicle. Take your Van somewhere safe, like a track day, and figure out how the anti-lock braking system performs, and how the Van handles through a corner. If the car is ageing, check the dashboard for warning lights — modern Vans can be lethal when these systems are faulty.

Don’t speed.

We all want to get to our destinations sooner, but all speeding really does is increase your risk of getting into an accident or getting a speeding ticket, it turns out.

Look after your Van.

Make sure you top up your oil, water and tyre pressure. check all the wear and tear on the van. Also make sure that Tyre treads are legal.

Be prepared.

Make sure you know your route, plan with a map, sat Nav and enough Fuel to get where you need to be.

Don’t Use your Phone.

In 2009, 15 people were killed and 494 injured in crashes where a driver was on the phone.

Wear your seatbelt.

Always wear a seatbelt. In a crash you’re twice as likely to die if you don’t.  Drivers and passengers who fail to wear seatbelts in the front and back of vehicles are breaking the law

Know weather conditions.

There are many cases where the weather can pose a problem for drivers. Try to avoid these conditions as much as possible by watching the news for forecasts. Practice driving in poor weather conditions in a safe environment, such as a deserted parking lot.

Don’t Drink or Drive.

In the last 50 years road casualties caused by drink driving have fallen dramatically, but in 2013, there were still 240 deaths due to drink driving – accounting for 14% of all road fatalities. By drinking and driving, you risk your life, those of your passengers and others on the road.

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