About Swiss Vans Ltd

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About Us

We are the UK's #1 Van Dealer because we know about vans and we care about our customers.

Company Profile

The company Swiss Vans Limited (registered company in England and Wales No. 07170662.), is based in Bridgend, Wales, UK and has the combined experience of over 20 years in car and van sales; subsequently we have strong manufacturer and vehicle supplier connections.

Since the year 2000, Company Director Ian Hill set out to provide the very best in commercial vehicle supply and financing in the UK - and since that date over 10,000 vehicles have been supplied to UK and EU customers.

Our Approach

Swiss Vans orders more vehicles than an one else in the UK and since we stock most popular models and configurations of vans in bulk, we are able to provide unrivaled delivery times and pricing compared to regular local van dealers.

We are passionate about vans! - and know each van model we sell inside and out, we know how to get the best out of each vehicle and how advise businesses seeking van finance on how to benefit from corporation tax arrangements as apposed to buying with cash.

Reputation & Reviews